he Oldest Vineyard in Bohemia

In the central part of the complex and on the southern slope between the support wall of the Old Castle Stairs and the upper scenic overlook ledge path lies the renovated St. Wenceslas’ Vineyard, early beginnings of which reach back to the 10 century A.D. According to the legend this is one of the oldest vineyards in Bohemia, where the “Lord’s vineyard” were cared for by Wenceslas’ (St.), the patron of the Bohemian Lands himself. Renovated vineyard is thus being made accessible to Prague Castle visitors in a year that marks 1100th anniversary of the birth of St. Wenceslas’. History of the land is connected to the establishment of Czech statehood and acceptance of Christianity.

The renovated vineyard has grape varieties Pinot Noir and Rhine Riesling planted on it in a total volume of 2500 heads. Pinot Noir is a remembrance of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, who was the first to bring this variety to Bohemia from France, Rhine Riesling was on the other hand the last variety to be planted here before the renovation. The vine plantings are supplemented along the sightseeing tour by a display of vines that are permitted to be harvested in the Czech Republic. - tipy na výlet