Piano Nobile

A special place for special moments

Seasonal menu

Strawberry gazpacho, guanciale bacon, marinated strawberries and black pepper195 CZK
Basil dumplings with sheep's cheese and chanterelle sauce259 CZK
Grilled sea bream with chanterelle ragout645 CZK
Strawberry tartare175 CZK


Small dishes

Prosciutto di Parma Gran Riserva 22 mesi, Cantaloupe melo325 CZK
Prague ham with horseradish cream and pressed apples220 CZK
Beef tartare with toast365 CZK
Octopus salad345 CZK


Foie gras and cherries in port wine395 CZK
Grilled snails with garlic and wild herbs butter310 CZK
Grilled shrimps with garlic and chilli430 CZK
Mozzarella di Buffala Campana D.O.P. with cherry tomatoes and basil345 CZK


Gazpacho185 CZK


Caesar salad with chicken265 CZK
Mango salad with papaya and white radish265 CZK
Letuce salad with citrus, salmon, avocado and almonds295 CZK
Spinach salad with cottage cheese245 CZK

Main Dishes

Viennese schnitzel and light potato salad475 CZK
Chicken supreme with broccoli - potato puree465 CZK
Entrecote Cafe de Paris with french fries470 CZK
Homeade spinach-ricotta ravioli with sage325 CZK
Octopus on garlic with olive oil, roasted potato and salad465 CZK

Traditional Czech menu

Strong chicken broth with chicken breast and vegetables julienne180 CZK
Confit of duck leg with red cabbage and potato sticks460 CZK
Beef tenderloin with traditional root vegetable sauce, dumplings and cranberry coulis495 CZK
Apple strudel with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream195 CZK