Piano Nobile

A special place for special moments


Cold appetizers

Fresh salad with citrus fruits and coconut245 CZK
Prague ham with horseradish cream and pressed apples215 CZK
Prosciutto di Parma Gran Riserva Speciale 22 mesi325 CZK
Beef tartare with quail egg, marinated shallots and mustard caviar340 CZK

Hot appetizers

Grilled snails with wild herbs and garlic butter295 CZK
Poached egg with potato espuma and slices of fresh truffle295 CZK
Grilled foie gras with caramelized apples and buttery brioche405 CZK


Strong chicken broth with chicken breast sous vide, vegetables and duck foie gras215 CZK
Traditional “Kulajda” mushroom soup, poached egg, fresh dill195 CZK

Vegetarian meal

Saffron risotto with green asparagus270 CZK

Main Dishes

Fish of the day from 460 CZK
Guinea fowl sous vide with chestnut stuffing, apple puree and roasted ratte potatoes460 CZK
Veal brisket with bone marrow dumplings, snap beans and Jerusalem artichokes460 CZK
Wiener veal schnitzel fried in melted butter with light potato salad475 CZK
Grilled piglet chops, spaetzle with mushrooms, leaf spinach and shallot sauce475 CZK
Confited duck leg with red cabbage and potato gnocchi460 CZK
“Svíčková” (beef tenderloin) with traditional root vegetable sauce, Carlsbad dumplings and cranberry coulis485 CZK
Filet mignon with Marsala sauce, foie gras, chard and ratte potatoes890 CZK


Apple strudel with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream189 CZK
Chocolate- orange soufflé, truffle praline and honey nuts215 CZK
Potato cones with plum sauce and poppy dumpling215 CZK