Piano Nobile

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Gravlax salmon marinated in beetroot with cucumber jelly and orange fennel385 CZK
Prague ham with horseradish cream and pressed apples245 CZK
Terrine of foie gras with truffle, pear purée and brioche445 CZK
Prosciutto di Parma Gran Riserva 22 mesi with fresh figs325 CZK
Beef tartare with capers and fried egg yolk345 CZK
Potato-truffle espuma with smoked trout and fresh truffle395 CZK
Snails à la Bourguignonne285 CZK


Spinach-raspberry salad with quinoa, smoked duck breast, honey pecan nuts and grated foie gras385 CZK


Chicken consommé with pak-choi and morels195 CZK
Traditional “Kulajda” mushroom soup, poached egg, fresh dill195 CZK

Vegetarian dishes

Beetroot ravioli with goat cheese, ginger and kale pesto365 CZK
Roasted beetroot with Beluga lentils and roasted mushrooms365 CZK

Main Dishes

Guinea fowl with red pepper sauce, spinach-ricotta gnocchi and snow peas525 CZK
Duck breast with sweet potato purée and foie gras croquette445 CZK
Veal shoulder with estragon, violette potatoes and zucchini ravioli595 CZK
Beef Steak US Teres Major with homemade French fries, Enoki mushrooms and Café de Paris sauce645 CZK
Fallow deer variation with red Tropea onions and roasted chive gnocchi585 CZK

Traditional dishes

Wiener veal schnitzel with light potato salad475 CZK
Confited duck leg, sweet & sour red cabbage, potato gnocchi460 CZK
Confit pork belly with apple mousse, Brussels sprouts and marinated kohlrabi445 CZK
Svíčková (pot-roasted beef ) with traditional root vegetable sauce, Carlsbad dumplings and cranberry coulis495 CZK


Cheese variation 120g295 CZK


Apple strudel, walnuts, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce195 CZK

Cakes, sorbets and ice cream by daily offer