Piano Nobile

A special place for special moments


Cold starters

Beef tartar / truffle mayonnaise / hazelnut / fried yolk345 CZK
Foie gras / brioche / pear / white peach345 CZK
Salmon Gravlax / fennel / avocado / cucumber / wasabi325 CZK

Hot starters

Escargots / herb butter / shallot 325 CZK
Foie Gras / duck cracklings /pistachio/ poached apple / brioche395 CZK


Green papaya / mango / carrot / shrimps / wakame seaweed395 CZK


St. Jacob mussels / popcorn / baby corn / dried tomatoes295 CZK

Main dishes

Guinea fowl / marrow / pepper sauce / croquette / semolina dumpling525 CZK
Duck breast / sweet potatoes / blackberry sauce / savoy cabbage525 CZK
Beef steak Rossini / Périgueux sauce / foie gras / brioche / butter foam745 CZK
Venison Backstrap / spinach crepe / spicy jus / almond potato gnocchi655 CZK


Fish of the day from 575 CZK


Portobello / grenaille / carrot / magnetout / cauliflower / curry345 CZK
Risotto / safron / fava beans / mushroom espuma 385 CZK

Desserts by daily offer

Lunch menu from 11 am to 4:30 pm

Cold starter

Duck liver pate with apricot-ginger coulis225 CZK

Warm starter

Escargots baked Prague-style 225 CZK


Salad with fresh cheese, baby spinach, sweet peas and herb-shallot julienne225 CZK


Beef broth with liver dumplings185 CZK

Main dishes

Rolled corn chicken with buttered mashed potatoes and rosemary demi glace395 CZK
Beef steak with green beans, homemade fries and Cafe de Paris sauce585 CZK

Traditional cuisine

Prague ham with horseradish cream245 CZK
Traditional “Kulajda” mushroom soup, poached egg, fresh dill195 CZK
Svíčková /pot-roasted beef/ with traditional root vegetable sauce. Carlsbad dumplings465 CZK
Veal schnitzel with Viennese potato salad465 CZK
Confit duck leg with red cabbage, potato gnocchi and Viennese onions465 CZK
Apple strudel with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream195 CZK