Piano Nobile

A special place for special moments

Seasonal Mediterranean Menu

Cold appetizers

Burrata 125g, tomato tartare325 CZK
Prosciutto di Parma Gran Riserva 22 mesi with fresh figs325 CZK


Panzanella salad with ricotta, tomatoes and anchovy285 CZK
Leaf salad with prawns, orange fennel and avocado425 CZK


Spaghetti alle cozze e pomodorini395 CZK

Main dishes

Grilled sea bass with vegetable ragout and butter foam525 CZK
Grilled tuna with eggplant, pepper and lime-coriander glaze645 CZK
Octopus with Jerusalem artichoke, Tropea onion, wild broccoli and chorizo mousse645 CZK
Beef tagliata with chanterelles, tomato jam, arugula and parmesan665 CZK


Cold starters

Variation of French cheese 120g295 CZK
Beef tartare with fried egg yolk and parsley mayonnaise 345 CZK
Foie gras parfait with strawberry, rhubarb and basil345 CZK

Hot starters

Caramelized Tropea onion with Parmesan fondue295 CZK
Zucchini stuffed with ricotta and young carrots325 CZK

Main dishes

Guinea-fowl sous vide 64° C with wild broccoli, corn, carrot and parmesan velouté525 CZK
Grilled duck breast with apple-ginger puree, poached pear and port wine sauce525 CZK
Mangalica pork tenderloin sous vide 56 ° C with pork belly croquette and kale gnocchi545 CZK
Beef steak Rossini with potato fondant, foie gras, Perigueux sauce and black truffle725 CZK

Traditional dishes

Prague ham with horseradish cream and pressed apples245 CZK
Traditional “Kulajda” mushroom soup, poached egg, fresh dill195 CZK
Wiener veal schnitzel with light potato salad475 CZK
Confited duck leg, sweet & sour red cabbage, potato gnocchi460 CZK
Svíčková (pot-roasted beef ) with traditional root vegetable sauce, Carlsbad dumplings and cranberry coulis485 CZK
Apple strudel with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream195 CZK


Lemon tartlet with ice cream215 CZK
Pavlova with fresh forest berries215 CZK
Coconut dessert with mascarpone and maracuja sauce215 CZK
Profiterole with bombardino sauce215 CZK