Piano Nobile

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St. Martin’s menu

Grilled goose foie gras with caramelized apples and white bread toast375 CZK
Stewed goose giblets225 CZK
Goose “Kaldoun” soup145 CZK
Roasted St. Martin’s goose with potato gnocchi and red cabbage545 CZK
Pie with quark, raisins and apples125 CZK



Prague ham with horseradish cream and pressed apples225 CZK
Grilled snails with garlic and wild herbs butter315 CZK
Prosciutto di Parma Gran Riserva 22 mesi, Cantaloupe melon325 CZK
Parfait of duck foie gras, praline with foie gras and hazelnut, black mulberry sauce, brioche395 CZK


Spinach salad, raspberry dressing, black root, raspberries and pecan nuts265 CZK


Traditional “Kulajda” mushroom soup, poached egg, fresh dill195 CZK
Beef broth with stuffed wonton dumpling and pak choi195 CZK

Vegetarian meal

Saffron risotto with fava beans325 CZK

Main Dishes

Grilled octopus, chickpea puree, red wine sauce495 CZK
Supreme of guinea-fowl, carrot purée, morel sauce, quinoa and fava beans465 CZK
Cassoulet with stewed piglet knee445 CZK
Wild boar tenderloin, poached pear, pumpkin puree, walnuts and plum-balsamic sauce495 CZK
Grilled beef chuck flap, gratinated potatoes, grilled foie gras, Bordelaise sauce525 CZK

Traditional dishes

Wiener veal schnitzel fried in melted butter with light potato salad475 CZK
Confit of duck leg with red cabbage and potato sticks460 CZK
Beef tenderloin with traditional root vegetable sauce, dumplings and cranberry coulis495 CZK
Apple strudel with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream195 CZK


Apple strudel with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream195 CZK
Fluffy quark dessert, vanilla mascarpone and black mulberry coulis195 CZK
Chocolate fondant with raspberry sorbet and vanilla sauce195 CZK