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Welcome to the magic place where your event will become an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

The place of unforgettable experiences

Villa Richter offers highly elegant premises located on two floors of a classicist summerhouse with terraces. We will create an undisturbed private space for you, including fascinating views and unrivalled atmosphere. You will love the delicious food and wine experience. Piano Nobile and Piano Terra are interconnected, and it is only up to you if you rent them separately or as a whole. Villa Richter’s variable layout and adjacent vineyard make it possible to host events for hundreds of guests or smaller groups. Ask us what we can do to impress your guests.

What do our clients appreciate?

  • The charm of a classicist gem surrounded by the oldest Bohemian vineyard
  • Unique location close to Prague Castle with breathtaking views
  • Location in the middle of Prague with complete privacy
  • Variable arrangement options from intimate arrangements to festival events
  • Possibility of exclusive rental of the entire building or just a part of it
  • Top-class cuisine under the baton of chef Stephen Senewiratne

What do clients most often organise with us?

  • Celebrations, conferences, corporate meetings and events
  • Dinners with clients, corporate parties
  • Presentation of products and services
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Conferences
  • Gala dinners
  • Fashion shows
  • Art exhibitions
  • Family and private events – celebrations, christenings, weddings


How do you imagine the banquet and the overall layout of the space? Contact us and we will prepare a menu exactly to your liking. Below you can virtually view the Villa Richter premises that can host your event.

Piano nobile

The top floor of Villa Richter houses a unique elegant interior with a greenhouse full of tropical vegetation and an adjoining terrace. The floor also includes four private lounges. The greenhouse with the terrace can fit up to 40 people, we can organize an event for up to 70 (seated) people in all the parts of Piano Nobile including the private lounges.

Piano terra

A spacious southern terrace with a breath-taking view situated on the villa’s bottom floor. Piano Terra is roofed and can be heated, and events can be held there all year round. The gazebo is equipped by a wooden floor, luxurious textile lower ceilings and a crystal chandelier. We can host an event with round or rectangular tables for up to 120 guests here.

Wine Tresor

The unique cellar carved into the rock – on which Prague Castle stands – houses more than 700 types of rare wines. In addition to world-famous wines, there are also a number of excellent wines from lesser-known wine regions. You can organize your own private tasting here for your guests.


At the highest point of the venue, you will find a Bellevue point offering the most beautiful view of Prague, surrounded by old wine shrubs that have been growing in the St. Wenceslas vineyard for centuries. You can open your event, and serve welcome drinks or cocktails here. It is also a very popular wedding venue.

Gallery of events

See how others have shone with us. Click on the photo to open the gallery.

Villa Richter brings a range of other options to enjoy your event. Just ask what other terraces, viewpoints and hidden corners we have in store for you. We can arrange deckchairs on the terrace, a picnic under chestnut trees, or a cocktail bar for you… Just share your wishes with us, we are at your service.

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